Del Mar City Beach

Del Mar City Beach

Del Mar City Beach is among the top 10 beaches in San Diego. It features soft and white sands that look ethereal. Many people enjoy swimming and sunbathing on this beach. If you are looking for surfing there is access to both Powerhouse and Seagrove Parks as well. You get a protected swimming area along the River Mouth and 15th Street. The gentle waves give a soothing feeling to your senses. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate surfer, this beach has a lot to offer. When you move towards the south, you will find bluffs and a volleyball court in the sand.

Catch up with the magnificent sunset

Many visitors like to stay at the Del Mar City beach to relax and catch up with the magnificent sunset. There is a separate jogging path nearby and you can jog as much as you want. When you move towards the north of Del Mar City Beach you will find Del Mar North Beach. It has become the most popular spot among tourists and locals alike. You can play in the waves along with your four-legged friends inside the water. Powerhouse Park is located on the south side. It happens to be a perfect spot for a picnic or grab a bite at the restaurants.

Del Mar City Beach

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Highlights of Del Mar City Beach

Del Mar City Beach offers a good parking area for tourists and locals. However, you need to arrive early as it can fill up very fast. If you like to enjoy yourself at the beach with kids the best place is 17th street. You can walk a little from the lifeguard tower and reach this area quickly. If this isn’t enough you can walk towards the Torrey Pines State Reserve. It features a lot of trails along the coast. If you are fond of hiking this beach offers a lot for your convenience.