Asorta along with its other amazing services also provides you with its 20 to 24-passenger minibusses service. Our Mini Bus is particularly well-liked and has a more formal, executive appearance. The most practical and economical method for moving smaller groups within and between communities is with our minibus. In comparison to 18 passenger vans and 20 seater vans, minibus charters are excellent for shorter excursions. Asorta minibus, which can easily seat up to 21 passengers, was specifically designed for economy and efficiency. Our minibus charters can provide you with dependable transportation whether you need it for a tour or a looped shuttle service.

Mini bus transportation services in Carlsbad

MINI BUS Services

We offer you a sound system, air conditioning, and comfortable, roomy forward-facing seating with over 6 feet of headroom. large viewing windows with tint, Excellent rear storage for luggage, bicycles, golf clubs, and ski equipment There are free booster seats and child safety seats available. All vehicles have free WiFi.


All vehicles have free WiFi

Safe and affordable ride

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Purpose-built for efficiency and economy

Minibusses are built with fuel efficiency and economic effectiveness in mind, providing smaller groups with a practical and reasonably priced charter bus service.

Safe and affordable ride

Every minibus provided by Asorta is driven by a qualified professional who is prepared to bring you where you need to go quickly and safely.

Why Us

Our bus partners have introduced new COVID19 safety measures, such as disinfecting vehicles in between travels, to better safeguard both our customers and themselves. Asorta offers flexible to change and cancellation policies, including free modifications and cancellations for the majority of trips, to its clients. Our dedicated support service is available around-the-clock, seven days a week, and our award-winning team of bus specialists can provide you and your team with specialized solutions.