La Jolla Cove Beach

La Jolla Cove Beach

La Jolla Cove is a small coastal inlet that is surrounded by picturesque sandstone bluffs. One of the most popular attractions of La Jolla Cove is the beach. There aren’t usually strong waves at the beach as it is right in front of La Valencia and a few other La Jolla Cove hotels. The beach is one of the most famous spots for families with small children. The sandy area is not huge but it can get crowded during the summer. You will not be able to stop yourself from dipping your toes in the water and taking a few photos. When the waves break, they are very strong so it is best to be careful. You also need to be careful when the high tides come over because the beach is small.

Explore the La Jolla Sea Caves

Once you walk down the stairs of the beach, you will see a little opening or cave. It is one of the most popular sea caves where you will be able to hang out with some Sea lions. You can also walk through the other side of the cave but always be careful as the waves are unpredictable. Don’t walk through the beach carelessly unless the tide is very low. Most people walk onto the beach because they want to look around and check out a lounging sea lion. You can lay out a towel and let the kids play as the beach has a beautiful view.

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La Jolla Cove Beach Amenities

La Jolla Cove beach offers a lot of amenities. The beach offers the best Lifeguard staff around the permanent lifeguard tower. Showers and public restrooms are also located around the bluffs. You can also find a few picnic tables that are scattered throughout Ellen Browning Scripps Park. The coastal green huts also provide shaded seating. If you enjoy Water Sports then you can try some Swimming, Snorkeling & Diving. It is a gateway to the San Diego-La Jolla Underwater Park and a human-made protected marine reserve.